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LGA Culture

Leroy Greene Academy has guiding principles that many take to heart. One of them is to create a culture students love. When Interviewing teachers and students, all said the same thing: they “loved how teachers and students can trust each other.” Students and teachers all say that they want to keep everything the same and would not

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Clawing to the Top

The Class of 2017 is Leroy Greene Academy’s first graduating class of 30 students. Shazim Ajaz Zanaib Ali Savanna Belton Jonilyn Boarts Adrian Budak Maia Cabrera Anthony Day Jameel Edwards Julianna Espinosa Cameron Evans Koa Gutierrez-Sanchez Izaiah Angelo Guzman Uriel Houston Eehza Imran Katya Jaime Michael Lopez Guadalupe Manzo Barajas Shazib Naveed Porfirio Osorio Jensen

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