Tropical Island vacation debate: Costa Rica or Hawaii?

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Summer break is right around the corner, and you and your family would like to take a vacation at a tropical location. The only issue is, you aren’t sure where to venture off to: Costa Rica or Hawaii? With both places having high recognition for tourist attraction, you decide to look at the pros and cons of each place:




Infrastructure — Considering that Hawaii is in the United States, you could expect the infrastructure to be much better than Panama or Costa Rica.

The weather — With climate coming at around 68 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, you can imagine how perfect the weather is in Hawaii. It rains occasionally depending on which island you’re on, but you can find a dry spot.

Safety — The crime rate is far lower than Costa Rica so you don’t have to worry too much of losing your belongings.


Island fever — Staying on an island long enough can cause island fever, which’ll tire you of the scenery despite how vivid and alluring everything is.

Homelessness — Hawaii is a spot filled with homeless citizens; it has posed as problem for quite some time.

SPAM — Hawaii has a major spam addiction problem. Not the ones found in e-mails, but ones found in canned pork product. It was introduced during World War II when fresh meat was difficult to get.

Costa Rica



Nature — Costa Rica provides a lot of scenic views and countless hikes.

Diversity — In Costa Rica, there are over 12 distant micro-climates

Tourism — Costa Rica isn’t new to tourism, there are many options.


Roads — Years ago, the roads were really horrible.

Mad Drivers — Road rage constantly occurs across Costa Rica; it has one of the highest automobile accident rate in the world.

Bugs — Ants and all types of critters crawl all over Costa Rica.