Top 5 things to do on summer break

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There are a lot of things you can do over summer break. Like go to the beach, hang out with your friends, or stay home and do nothing. But here are some top 5 things you can do over summer that I recommend.


One try to go on a road trip with your family or friends to the Santa Cruz boardwalk. The place has lots of roller coasters, food, a beach and a beautiful view of the sunset.

download (11)Two go camping. During the summer, its the best time to go camping with your family or friends. There’s the lake, hiking, and eating marshmallows. My family goes camping at least once a year.

Rotation-4_1Three go to the LA beach. With this heat in the summer you gotta cool down some how. Vennis beach is the one of best places to go to when looking for a beach. It has many cool stores and the locals are pretty friendly.

A totally SPLASHtacular day at Magic Waters Waterpark/Rockford IL USAFour go to raging waters. Raging waters is a water theme park that has amazing water slides and is fun for the whole family. The theme park is pretty big and is always getting new rides for the people.

cc0c44c04620621c1f0a892b3c39c925Five go to six flags discovery kingdom. Six flags consists have many thriller roller coasters that will get you into the mood. It always has a different theme for certain occasions like Halloween  or Christmas. This time the theme is summer which gives you a discount for season pass holders. So you better get yours while they still last its only for this summer.