The Return of LDZ

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By: Kim, Shannon, Jazzy, Jaden, Hunter, Kamani, and Jezi

As the year comes to an close here on campus the LDZ (Lion’s Den Zone) crew decides to reflect on this past year. At LGA we’ve always carried this culture of campus being home away from home because we are all like family. School year 2016 – 2017 was by far the best year yet.

Many students, like the LDZ crew, enjoy attending LGA. The atmosphere is great to be around. Current high schoolers really enjoyed this year because of the new high school experiences offered to students. This was significant to our seniors because it’s their last year of highschool and they are the first graduating class of LGA. Kim talked with multiple students on campus and came across top three highlights of the school year:

  1. Jr./Sr. Prom: Prom was held on a boat this year called the “Zinfandel” that sailed across the San Francisco Bay from Antioch, California. This was the first ever prom in LGA history hosted by ASB (associated student body). The event composed of the whole traditional shabang from royalty crowing to prom pictures. Jad(Monday April 17, 2017 12-31 PM, PDT)en Gilbreath, an junior who attended prom stated, “prom was pretty lit!” He felt the DJ was by far the best we ever had in LGA history. Several of the student body that atte
    nded the dance really enjoyed the fact it was on a boat, on the San Francisco Bay. The venue was beautiful with a dining area on the top deck, and a dance floor on the lower deck . The majority of juniors of seniors were on the dance floor practically ALL NIGHT just dancing and having a good time with their fellow peers. Seniors such as Manprit, Samra, and Jezi touched on the fact they had a memorable time at prom while dancing. This may sound “cliche,” but prom was definitely a night to remember.
  1. Multicultural Night: This year’s multicultural night was one of the best we’ve ever had according to LGA parents, administration, and students. It was a night full of diversity from attendees, to performances, and the various booths. Each booth represented an country served with a dish that was apart of their culture. Let’s just say it was a buffet in the multipurpose room that day. All performances were led by the students and staff of LGA. Lily Gunkel and sophomore on campus ranked multicultural night as her favorite event of the year.
  1. Blacklight Rally: The Blacklight Rally was one of vibrant rallies we ever had. The decorations were fantastic and they actually glowed. Students who dressed accordingly were lighting up the gym. The ASB here at LGA put a lot of effort in the rally just to make this an enjoyaFullSizeRenderble memory for the students, and the ra
    lly definitely reflected that. High Schools students were really excited for this rally because it was the first blacklight event we ever did. They said “I can’t wait for next”. It’s no surprise that this rally was ranked as one of the top highlights because it brought so much buzz.

Overall, it’s refreshing to see so many positive impacts made on campus from LGA events.  Next school year will be better than ever and we can’t wait to hear from the student body on what made their year memorable.

Hopefully next year the LDZ crew can come back for a season two… if they have the budget for it.