8 Ways to Spend Summer Break

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Summer vacation is a long awaited break from school. Now students will get their chance to relax. There are many ways to spend your summer vacation, and I will be listing the top eight.


  1. TravelImage result for travel

Summer takes away the binding schedule of a student and allows them to make plans freely. This is perfect for those who love to travel or explore new locations. Travel can be done with family or friends and provides a bonding experience. The warm summer temperatures allow for great vacation weather. Travelers often find their new environments refreshing, and this will relieve any left over stress from the school year

2. School WorkImage result for school work

While not the most fun thing on this list, summer assignments should not be ignored. If you are enrolled in AP courses next year at LGA,  completing summer school, or even taking college courses, you will likely be assigned homework for the summer. It is important to get this work done on schedule, saving it until the last minute will prove daunting to any student.

3. Swimming/BeachImage result for beach

One of the most iconic pastimes during summer is definitely visiting the beach and swimming. Dipping your feet in the water is a great way to cool off during the warm summer months. Swimming can also be a good way to exercise, some sports are even more fun when played in the water. Water parks should not be forgotten as they are most enjoyable in the summer heat. However, before you do any water activities make sure you put on plenty of sunscreen.

4. Getting into shapeImage result for cycling

Summer is an excellent time to practice healthy eating habits and exercise. Sweating helps you lose weight and that’s a lot easier in the heat. Summer also provides perfect weather for getting outside and having a good time. Even some healthier foods are more enjoyable and refreshing such as watermelon.

5. Making plans with friendsImage result for friends hanging out

Reuniting with school friends over summer break can create memorable experiences to share. Many previously mentioned items on this list can even be more enjoyable with friends. Being around people you have a good time with is fun and good for you.

6. Getting a jobImage result for person working

With school out of the way, students can spend their time doing other productive tasks, such as getting a summer job. Jobs can provide work ethic for students and most importantly earn them money. Earning money at a young age is very important, as you can begin saving for a car, apartment, college, or even to help your family.

7. Hone your hobbiesImage result for person playing video game

Summer will provide countless hours of free time to practice your hobbies. Whether you enjoy playing video games or making art, spending this time on what you love will allow you to improve.

8. Sleep inImage result for person sleeping

After spending the past nine months on a specific sleep/wake cycle, it’s a good idea to take advantage of your free time by catching some extra z’s. Sleeping in can provide more focus and energy throughout the day.