3 Great Ice Cream Spots for The Summer

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This summer is going to be a hot one, so everyone is going to need to stay cool. One big thing about summer is ice cream. It keeps you cool, and mostly everyone likes it. I know a lot of people will find this article useful during the summer, and in the future hot summer days to stay cool and to enjoy some great ice cream.


  1. The first Ice cream place i want to mention is Leatherby’s. It is located 2333 Arden way, Sacramento, CA 95825. The reason I chose this place was because their Ice Cream is great and it’s at a reasonable cost at the same time. When you go to this great spot you’ll find a good amount of people there enjoying some Ice Cream because it’s a well known ice cream spot. One item that is popular is their old fashioned sundae. It is piled high and has all the fixin’s you would want in your sundae. Another popular item is their banana split. You can pick your ice cream flavor dessert sauce and more.



  1.  The second place I want to mention is Gunther’s Ice Cream. It is located at 2801 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818. A lot of people have said it’s Sacramento’s best ice cream since 1940. This is a summer hotspot and it’s known well for it’s teal fruit freezes.  Their real fruit freeze is a Ice cream and a fruit freeze combo. The most popular combo is half mango and half strawberry and Ice cream in the middle. They call that the “50-50.” Every month they have a flavor of the month. They base that on the most purchased flavor, or a limited time flavor. It’s a mystery to see what different great flavor they’ll have each month. One last popular item is their shaved ice. They have ten different flavors, and three sugar free flavors for people that try to keep it healthy.


  1.  The last ice cream spot I want to mention is Cold Stone. Cold Stone is located at 4730 Natomas Blvd #150, Sacramento, CA 95835. I chose this place because they have amazing ice cream combinations and at a reasonable price. Cold Stone has a thing where you pick your cup size and Ice Cream flavor and you get one free mix-in. Mix-ins consist of Gummy bears, Chocolate candy [M&M’s, Twix, Reese’s, and etc]. One popular combination is the s’mores. You get chocolate ice cream with graham crackers and marshmallow mix-ins. One great combination little kids love is the “berry berry blue” that consists of cotton candy ice cream with gummy bear mixed in. One last popular item is the pre-made ice cream. It’s in a tub like you buy at the store but it’s their ice cream so you can take it home and enjoy it for more than that day.