Wheres Everyone Going This Summer?

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Everyone’s idea of summer fun is different. Some people want to just stay home and relax for the next two and a half months. While others want to explore and have a great time with others. Many people are leaving and staying gone from home for the whole time because they need to get away from home and most of time, people just stay home and relax because they have nothing else to do. I interviewed my friends and teachers, Davian Ovando, Leslie Cuevas and Ms. Yang about their plans for this summer.


Davian tells me he will be going to L.A for a vacation with his mom 20170522_091045.jpgand two of his cousins. His plans are to leave the day after we get out of school for the summer and to come back a week later. He says, “The reason we are going is to visit family and have fun.” He will also be taking his senior photos early in either Venice Beach or Malibu Beach and his grandpa is going to allow them to take his suburban.


Leslie hopes to travel to L.A with her boyfriend Michael, her friends Davian and Shannon, and also her family for 2 days. Leslie also informs me that she will probably be driving there or someone else, The purpose of her trip is to create many memories with one another and to have solid bonding time. Leslie also lets me know that the majority of her summer will be at work. 





Ms. Yang tells me about her planned out trip to Colorado. She says she will be going with her boyfriend, Joe to visit her sister. They will be flying to Colorado the first week of June and coming back in the middle of June. Ms. Yang also tells me her and sister will be spending quality time together such as shopping, camping and other different activities.