The End of the Year Rally

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As the year ends, we are ready for summer. But before we can even think about that comes the end of the year rally. This rally is the last rally of the year and marks your transition to an upper grade. We say goodbye to the seniors.  

Being a junior, I had to transition to the senior aisle. Many thoughts sprinted through my head. Where am I going to college? The years have passed very fast, like olympic sprinters going for the gold!

The rally was a black light rally and we wore neon colors or white. Students were thrilled. The rally was well organized. There were just a few minor problems, but not big ones.

The rally started with a performance from The Royal Rejects. Their performance was incredible! EveryoneFullSizeRendere loved it. I hope they have more performances next year. It would be an awesome rally to expand the performances and the fun.

After this performance, they got two people from each class, and had them play a game called “The Mummy Fight.” To play, each group was given a roll of paper. And once they tell you to start, you had to wrap the other person until the paper is around their whole body. Then the person that was wrapped would have to hop all the way to the free-throw line, and whoever got there first would win the game. The juniors won.  I’m not really shocked.

The second game was Pac-Man. In this game, there was one person from each class, and a teacher. The students were the ghosts chasing the teacher. To win the game, one of the ghosts had to bump the teacher. But there were balloons on each corner, and if the teacher popped it, they would have ten seconds of invincibility, and if the teacher touched one of the students, the student would die. Everyone started off with two lives. So, they were able to die once and still win.

I participated in this game, and we juniors won it all. It was difficult playing this game because we ghosts had to crawl on our knees. And that left bad scrapes and a little bleeding. But other than that, the game so fun! I hope that we get more exciting games like this, and that I am able to participate in them.

I hope next year’s rally is as much fun as they were this year.