A.P. Overwhelming Students

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Many children next school year have decided to take A.P courses. For anyone unaware, these are advanced placement classes for kids in high school for them to earn college credits early to get out of taking remedial classes, which would in turn, save them tons of money.  These classes are comparable to a college course and require a lot of dedication and work to be put in, not only to keep up with the workload but to do the work with complete efficiency and to the best of the students abilities.

This year, many students have decided to take these A.P Courses. Many are nervous, and some are excited. Though the problem we are starting to see is students that don’t really understand the workload of taking an A.P course signing up, seeing the summer assignment, and wanting to leave or being unsure. This overfills the teachers classes if they don’t decide to drop the class and causes problems with students in the regular class, which is what A.P students would drop down to, and for the kids that want to take the AP courses having to wait for kids to finally make the decision on whether or not they actually want to stay in the class.

The other problem we see are students that are fully aware of the AP workload signing up for multiple or all of the courses being offered. Effectively having their classes almost all be AP courses. Many students do believe they can handle the workload, but it’s still worrying. In many of these courses they will not allow you to leave the class after the school year has started, due to it ruining previous plans. If a student stays in the class when they don’t really want to be there, that’s risking their own grades. Whether it be the workload or the class content, no matter what the reason, if you have a bad grade in an AP course it will always look bad.

But luckily enough we have students here at Leroy Greene that are able to push past odds stacked against them. They realize that if you balance time well, and are able to keep up with the workload you can succeed. There are many online study tips for people to utilize, and self-help books with strategies to be successful.