Top 10 Summer Vacation Spots

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Summer time is the busiest vacation season of the year. With kids out of school, parents get in 
family time and take those vacations they have always wanted. In this article, we will talk about the top ten summer vacation spots, and hopefully it will motivate some of you to get up and explore the world.

Coming in at number one is Hawaii. Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches and volcanic landscapes. Hawaii is a great vacation spot for anyone of any age. There will always be something to do, no matter what your into.

Number two is Dubai. Although Dubai is an extremely hot place, usually in the triple digits, it’s still an amazingly beautiful place with so much to explore. Dubai is home of the world’s largest shopping mall, which attracts many shopaholics. They also hold a summer festival with plenty to do for everyone.

Number three is the beautiful Bora Bora. Bora Bora is one of the prettiest islands you will ever come across. If you love water and exploring sea life, this is the place for you. Many people use this as a honeymoon vacation due to the beautiful and romantic scenery.

Number 4 is Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach attracts tourist year round. It has a thirty-five mile long beach, and a three-mile-long boardwalk with benches for people to sit on and watch the sunset. The beach also has another path for the people who bike or skate.

Coming in at number five is a more unusual place that most people wouldn’t expect: Amsterdam. Once summer hits, all the rain and grey colored skies disappear.  They hold summer-long festivals, and have garden days for people to visit the gardens along the canal that are usually kept private.

Number six is Ocean City in Maryland. This spot is best known for its boardwalk and old school amusement rides. Hooper’s Crab House is the best eating spot on the boardwalk, if crab is what your craving. It’s a great family vacation spot for those who love this type of environment.

At number seven we have Mackinac Island in Michigan. This is definitely a place for people who love the old-time feel. Cars have been banned for more than one hundred years, and horse carriages are the mode of transportation here. The island is designed for those who love biking or hiking. The island is full of Victorian cottages that date back to just after the Civil War.

Number eight is Conrad Dubai. Conrad Dubai is a hotel that is sleek and modern looking. The 56th floor of this hotel has an amazing view, and is a two minute walk from the World Trade Center. As the night calms down, you can take a trip to the 6th floor and sit poolside and enjoy the day.

At number nine, we have the Hilton Athens. This hotel is overlooking an area of rich and ancient history. The hotel has a chic rooftop galaxy bar, where the locals and tourists can check everything out and have a good night.

Last but not least, at number 10 is the Hilton Paris Opera. If you ever make a trip to Paris, this is a place you must check out. With coffee shops, boutiques, salons, and high-end shopping centers,
this is a pace for everyone.