Senior Year Recap

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The school year is coming to an end, which means that it is time for the senior class to graduate. The seniors are an important part of the school since they will be the first graduating class of Leroy Greene Academy. Some of the seniors have gone to Leroy since the eighth grade, and  they have formed a bond with each other. I asked several seniors a series of questions about senior year and the memories they have made here.

Koa Gutierrez said that his best memory is “playing [his] last game for volleyball, which was also Senior Night”  because “in the second set, [he] scored the very last point of the game and it was very exciting.” Seniors are involved in multiple sports on campus and are recognized at their last home game. The school congratulates them for being a part of a sports team on campus and thanks them for their commitment.

Jordan Tauth said his “biggest struggle was getting through college applications . . . it was hard waiting to hear back from colleges.” For Jordan and many other seniors at Leroy Greene Academy, the college application process can be quite nerve-racking. Seniors have to fill out applications to the colleges of their choice and go through a waiting period that is stressful.

Jameel Edwards said, “[High school] has taught me to work hard in life because nothing really comes easy . . . high school teaches skills so that you have the right mindset throughout life.” High school is an important part of life and it teaches many students about how difficult things in life can really be, and how hard they have to work to accomplish their goals.

Leroy Greene Academy is thankful for the seniors and are sad to see them go. We hope this new chapter in their lives is an unforgettable one.