Saying Goodbye

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As the school year comes to the end, it’s a sad time for many people. Throughout the school year we make friends, and some of them even turn into family. Saying goodbye is never easy. Parting with friends is always the hardest part of summer.

Although, you can see your friends over summer, some of our friends will be starting a new chapter of life. College. Katya and Jezi will be attending colleges in Sacramento and Chico. Katya’s favorite memory of LGA is prom. Jezi said her favorite memory was making friends that she has grown very close to. She said everyone waits for prom throughout high school so she was excited to have a fancy boat.

We wish them the best of luck in their new chapter of their life. Watching the seniors grow and mature was something we all loved. We enjoyed getting to know you, and spending the last for years with you.