New School Year, Who This?

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After wrapping up the 2016-2017 school year here at LGA, leadership and the school’s administration staff have began brainstorming about next year’s activities and senior class.

The class of 2018 will get to experience more than the first senior class has because now Leroy Greene knows what they need and how to improve on making everyone’s senior year a great one.

Next years seniors will be getting reserved parking spaces in our very own parking lot. These spaces will be closed off from everyone except the senior class.

The seniors of next year will also be receiving their class crowns that can be purchased now and at the beginning of next school year.

Some other new additions to LGA will be a more improved version of our mascot and lights for our field. There is a car wash being held for these things to be funded.

Please support our students and help make next year a year to remember. Thank you from us here at Leroy Greene Academy.