For Honor

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In the game For Honor by ubisoft  you play as one of three factions, those being Knights,  Samurai, and Vikings. At the start of the game you chose what faction you join and fight for, but this does not limit what characters you can use. The classes include vanguards, heavy, assassin, and hybrids.


Knights – We are the guardians of our people. We stand strong against all invaders. Duty is our shield, order: our weapon. When we defend the weak, we are…immortal.”  The Knights also known as The Legion are one of the playable factions in For Honor. They stand for an oath to protect their people and the weak, from any and all evaders.

The symbol of the knights show: order, ancestral roots, and protection. The colors yellow means knowledge and strength while green means hope and stability. Knight Symbol

Samurai – “Cast away from our land, we are rebuilding. Our hearts are strong, our devotion: absolute, and our skill is beyond question. We will be remembered.”  The Samurai also known as The chosen are the another playable faction in For Honor. They stand for their people using a disciplined combat style.

The symbol for the samurai show: mastery, exodus, and survival. The colors teal means Immortality and spirituality while brown control and serenity. Samurai Symbol

Vikings – “The world fears us. We are the flavored of the gods. We plunder new lands. We raid and we grow strong. We live for battle, ready to die in glory.” The Vikings also known as The Warborn are the final playable faction in For Honor. The vikings stand for kin ship.

The symbol for the vikings show: freedom, raiders, and clan. The colors red mean passion and danger while black mean death and harshness.

FH Warborn Faction


Vanguard – The vanguard are the most well-rounded class in For Honor. They are good at everything but do not excel in any one area. This could be summarized as they are jack of all trades, master of none. The vanguards available are: Warden for the knights, Kensei for the samurai, and Raider for the vikings.

Heavy  –  The heavies are the most resilient of the classes, excelling at defense and it helps that they can deal heavy damage, but they do have some down sides including slow attack speed and movement. the fact that they also have shorter combos can be a downside now and again. The heavies available are: Conqueror for the knights, Shogoki for the samurai, and Warlord for the vikings

Assassin – The assassins are that fastest of all the classes and can be the most lethal if used right. This how ever is not without downsides, they have the lowest health of all the classes and can only hold guard for a certain amount of time so they have to utilize on dodging and deflecting to deal damage. The assassin available are: Peacekeeper for the knights, Orochi for the samurai, Berserk for the vikings, and finally the newly added Shinobi also for the samurai

Hybrids – The hybrids are unique in the fact that they are a combination of two of the other three classes, Because of this they are hard to place them due to them having advantages and disadvantages of their two classes. The hybrids available are: Lawbringer a combination of vanguard and heavy for the knights, Nobushi a combination of vanguard and assassin, Valkyrie a combination of heavy and assassin, and the newly added Centurion a combination of vanguard and assassin.


The Battle system in For Honor is called the art of battle. The name makes it sound complicated, but in reality it is very simple to use. While in combat you get a  three section circle with an up, left, and right position. Depending on which section is lit up, that is the section you will guard attacks from, however, its also the location you will attack from. The goal of this system is to force you to block incoming attacks while trying to attack an enemies unguarded area. Combat consist of light attacks and heavy attacks that most classes chain together for combos. You have full but slowed movements and can dodge attacks  when needed or if playing an assassin you can dodge to deflect attacks. If fighting a very guard heavy opponent you can break that guard and do it again to push/throw that opponent. While all of this is going on you will and must watch you stamina because everything you do in combat will require stamina.

End result 

For Honor is an amazing game, both in visual and combat. The maps you play on a stunning and are good at sticking to the them of what faction there from. The combat is tense and fun to play with, and there is a class/character for everyone, you just need to find yours.