Teacher Appreciation

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As school is coming to an end we like to show our appreciation and gratitude to our favorite admin and staff members. I asked 4 students who their favorite teachers were and why they are favored.

Mirabelle Quilatan, a sophomore, says Mr. Homme is her favorite because “he is a really good teacher, he challenges us in class and doesn’t just give us content.” She also said that Mr Homme makes them really think about the material they are learning. He doesn’t just give out handouts.

Shradha Thapa also wanted to appreciate Mr. Homme because “he gives us a different way of viewing things.” Shradha adds that Mr. Homme tells really funny, interesting stories to the class and helps go into depth on the topic he is teaching.

Alex Castro says Mrs. Finch-Odell is his teacher. This is because she is kind and she likes to help students. “She is always very nice to me and helps me with explaining things I don’t understand. His best memory with her is all the times she helped solve his problems.

Seraphina Wong said her favorite teacher is Ms. Padgett because she loves how fun she is, the enthusiasm she has, and how great her teaching skills are. “Her personality is like a ray of sunshine. Phina loves biology and plans to take AP biology next year with Ms. Padgett.