Instagram: The Instant Copycat

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Instagram has stepped again, into Snapchat’s territory. The app, usually used for posting pictures for various family and friends, in an efficient and excellent manor, has now tried to start acting like it is the other social networking app Snapchat, which is usually used for quick snippets of a persons daily life, or sending pictures meant to be viewed about once or twice instead of staying up for a long time.

Now, Snapchat has a lot of features from showing how fast you are going when traveling, to changing your face with various filters. This has what made Snapchat into such a smash hit, with hundreds of thousands of users. This ability to at an instant morph your face on your phone, rather than using some computer to do it online. But now, this feature is being taken by Instagram.

At first they started with taking Snapchat’s story feature, which is a compilation of pictures and videos people have posted.