5 Fun Things To Do In The Summer

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Summer time can either be really fun or really boring. Chose to make yours fun.


1 – A fun and cheap summer activity is to have a water balloon fight with your friends. Go to the store and get a bag of water balloons. This is an easy way to spend time with your friends while also having a good time. It is also a good way to conquer the heat. The best place to have a water balloon fight is in the backyard or even at a park.

2 – Go to a farmers market. A farmers market is a food market at which local farmers sell fruit and vegetables and often meat, cheese, and bakery products directly to consumers. There are many around Sacramento, one of the farmers markets is called Certified Farmers’ Market and is located at W St & 8th St. Another one is East Sacramento Farmers Marker which is located at 3330 McKinley Blvd. Going to the farmers market is a good way to get out of the house and stay healthy. http://www.california-grown.com/Market-times.html

3 – Stay up late. Why go to bed early when you can just sleep in. School time means waking up super early, but not in the summer time. You can stay up way past your preferred bedtime and watch movies, play video games or just stay on your phone.

4 – Go to a fair. Summer time means fun time and the Sacramento State fair comes during the month of July. It has food, rides, and even animals. With cheap tickets, it’s a perfect way to spend some summer time.

5 –  Last but not least, GO TO THE POOL. The pool is a fun way to conquer the heat while getting a nice tan. If you don’t have a pool, go to your local rec center or family fitness to swim. Even the sprinklers can work out.