Top 10 Instagram Desserts

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You can see the filters from a mile away.

There is no denying that food has become a huge part of social media. People from all over the world travel to a certain restaurant or bakery based off of the food they see online. Instagram has been one of the biggest social media platforms displaying these irresistible foods. Desserts have especially made an impact in the world of Instagram.

Although there are thousands of desserts that could be on this list, I based the top 10 off of other people’s knowledge of Instagram cuisine.

10. Croissants from Union Fare: @unionfare

union fareUnion Fare is a restaurant that specializes in croissants. They are located in New York. To get the flavors and colors in the croissant, Union Fare flavors their butter. Yes, you read that right. They flavor their butter. For their birthday cake croissant, they mix sprinkles into a huge slab of butter. The same technique is used for their red velvet croissants, and  for their cookies and cream croissants. 

9. Soft Serve from Little Damage: @little.damage

little damage

Little Damage is a soft serve ice cream shop in Downtown Los Angeles. One of their most popular ice cream flavors is known as “goth ice cream” due to it’s grey coloring. Instagramers from all over the world come to this ice cream shop. The flavor of this ice cream is almond charcoal, and the dark color comes from the charcoal. To go even further, Little Damage also offers a charcoal cone to match the unique ice cream.

8. Macarons from Honey & Butter: @honeyandbutter

honey and butter

They have two locations: one is in Costa Mesa, California; and the other is in Irvine, California. This little business is known for their macarons. Honey and Butter shapes them into iconic characters. These macarons bring the kid out of everyone after seeing these adorable designs. 

7. The Rainbow Bagel from The Bagel Store: @thebagelstore

rainbow bagel

The Bagel Store is located in New York. They are known for breaking the internet over their rainbow bagel. After coming out with this colorful breakfast, people all over Instagram went crazy. Anything involving sprinkles and rainbows has the ability to take over Instagram.

6. Wowfull Waffle Ice Cream: @wowfulls


This take on ice cream is found in New York. The owners took inspiration from a popular Hong Kong street food known as egg waffle and combined it with ice cream. By forming it into the shape of a cone, this ice cream makes it picture perfect for Instagram.

5. The Cronut from Dominique Ansel Bakery: @dominiqueansel


The Cronut. A hybrid of a croissant and a donut. This pastry spread across the internet like smooth butter. Founded in New York, the original cronut brought in people from all over the world. It became so popular that the bakery created a pre-order system.

4. A Milky Bun from Afters Ice Cream: @aftersicecream

ice cream sandwich

Afters Ice Cream is mostly known for their Milky Bun. The Milky Bun is a warm glazed donut stuffed with cold ice cream. This unique ice cream sandwich left the community in a sugar overload. Soon after, pictures of this creation ran rampant around the internet like a sugar crazed kid.

3. Ice Cream Sandwiches from Yolkin: @yolkinmacice


These ice cream sandwiches have frozen the internet over. By putting a huge round of ice cream in between two macaron cookies, this little shop causes brain freezes daily.

2. Cookies from Levain Bakery: @levainbakery


Located in New York, Levain Bakery has become popular because of their cookies. These aren’t just your average cookies. With a gooey inside full of chocolate, this dessert makes it difficult to resist ordering from their website.

1. Milkshakes from Black Tap: @blacktapnyc

blacktap.jpgThese infamous milkshakes are seen in every corner of Instagram. A whole meal is placed on top for decoration. From slices of cake to an onslaught of cookies, these milkshakes know how to put on a significant sugar show.