Expo Night Expose

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Expo Night is an event that usually happens at our school once a semester. Though this year it landed once this year. Though it went generally well as a whole, there were a few key pieces that could have been managed a lot better than what it was. Hopefully in the future we will be able to correct these small problems in order to keep Expo Night a fun and easy event for not only students, but for the families also visiting our schools for the night.

During Expo Night, many things were everywhere. Every large room in the school was used to a different department. Though there was an obvious unfair balance between the business and the art program. The art program had three separate sections, and four if you count the outside. The cafeteria, the gymnasium, the music room, and the outside section. Now, I can understand the choice for this, we have many students in the art program and many young students who have not yet chosen their path yet, therefore still taking art and business at the same time. But, the main problem was with all this space being taken up business had to be pushed over to the CFI. It was hard to find the business section, and it was the most poorly decorated part of the whole event. Many of the tables were not fully put together, and there was a whole room where no parents were in and students just sat there waiting to present. Giving the business department no recognition for the work they had done, while again praising the art department endlessly by having it be so much of a majority that the business section was barely even apparent.


Now, even though this placement was not the best, the event was still very enjoyable and ran very smoothly. The artists standing near their paintings were very helpful with explaining their pieces and what they had to do with them and their futures, or their stories. The organization in the art rooms was relatively nice, not giving too much attention on one certain art group and gave ample attention to all students. Along with that, the inclusion of the play in the beginning was very nice, we’ve never had a performance like that during Expo Night and it gave it a nice touch for people that just wanted to sit back and relax.


All in all, Expo Night wasn’t too bad, but there are some general improvements that could be made within the way the event is set up within itself. Along with the recognition between the two departments. Even with these issues, we still had a good time at the event with all the food, and the things to see. But I hope as the school goes onward, we continue to get better and better.