Clawing to the Top

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The Class of 2017 is Leroy Greene Academy’s first graduating class of 30 students.

Shazim Ajaz

Zanaib Ali

Savanna Belton

Jonilyn Boarts

Adrian Budak

Maia Cabrera

Anthony Day

Jameel Edwards

Julianna Espinosa

Cameron Evans

Koa Gutierrez-Sanchez

Izaiah Angelo Guzman

Uriel Houston

Eehza Imran

Katya Jaime

Michael Lopez

Guadalupe Manzo Barajas

Shazib Naveed

Porfirio Osorio

Jensen Powers

Sandra Quintero

Juliet Reyna

Anthony Roman

Donneita Roundtree

Manprit Samra

Anthony Schofield

Sheza Shafiq

Jannely Silva Garcia

Jezikiah Talton

Jordan Tauth

During the last few weeks of school year, we were able to catch up with the seniors and get there views on graduation, valedictorian speeches, and graduation clothing. We talked with Uriel Houston about graduation, Jameel Edwards about graduation clothing, and valedictorian Jordan Tauth about the big speech.

We asked Uriel what he believed graduation would be like for the first senior class. He told reporters that, “it will be really small, but really great since we all know each other and we’re the smallest class here.”He also told us that there might be a few people crying. We expect nothing less at a graduation ceremony. It’s the time when the cubs grow up and go out to create their own lives.

Later we sat down with both Jameel and Jordan.

We asked Jameel Edwards what he will be wearing to his graduation and this is what he said,”well what I’m going to wear to graduation is a suit and tie; I am going to wear this because it will be a professional event, and that will be the best look for me.” We hope to see a dazzling Jameel at graduation.

Jordan gave us some insight about how his speech was coming along. We found out some surprising news. The writing process of the speech has gone pretty well and here is what Jordan had to say, “me and Manprit are writing it together so it was easier for us to collaborate.” There you have it, not only did they write the speech together, but both Jordan Tauth and Manprit “Moppy” Samra are Leroy Greene’s valedictorians.