My Mom: The Real MVP

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As Mother’s Day approaches, I soak in the fact that there isn’t anybody in this world that could take my Mother’s place. If I could describe my mom in one word, it would probably be everything –– because she is my everything. My mom is one of the most supportive, most caring, most real and strong people on the planet. Not only that, but she is a woman of great talent. She has a big heart, and she is a woman of great faith. She keep faith in the idea that there is always something better. And to make our lives better, she cooks for us, she drives us around, she helps us become better people, and she listens to our every need.

She is such an amazing mother is because she is selfless. She has sacrificed many things for my siblings and me in order to live a better life than she did. Despite the many lectures, punishments, and tough-love moments, all she wants is for me and my brother to make the best of ourselves. I know with a year left of highschool, age of eighteen dawning on me, and unpromised days, there are moments shared with my mom which I’ve begun to appreciate more. For instance, I remember being ill as a child and my mom being up for hours on end because she was catering to my every waking need. There are moments like these I will never forget, and always cherish.

For many of you reading, whether it was your mother, or a mother-like figure in your life, you’ve been given advice that’s always stuck with you. The best piece of advice my mom has given is that though life comes with many challenges, I must learn to overcome them. If it wasn’t for that advice, I would’ve never had the opportunities I’ve had in life. It’s because of my mom I maintained my determined attitude and carried a smile across my face. Whenever my mother has given me advice, she has always been one hundred percent with me. And that’s something I’ve  always respected and admired about her

So to a day of honoring the women that raised and birthed us, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and to yours.