The Fate of The Fast Franchise

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Was the “Fate of the Furious” good ?

Anybody  who knows me knows that my answer is most likely a YES!

Featured in theaters on April 13th, the “Fast and Furious” franchise didn’t disappoint with its latest film. The Fate of Furious movie definitely takes you on a thrill ride across the country. With this being the first ever movie in the series without the lead actor Paul  Walker, it was bitter-sweet for Fast fans like myself. If you know Fast And Furious, then you know that it’s always had a  family narrative. Many viewers argue that  the previous films and the current Fast And Furious movies are the same; but “Fate of The Furious” is different from past films. The franchise has evolved, period. It doesn’t just consist of fast cars, street races, and dangerous heists anymore because, the main character, Dominic Toretto betrays  the one thing he’s always sought out to protect: his team, his family. This was something many fans, such as myself, were not expecting from the recent film.

The movie began with all gas no brake. The main character, Dominic Toretto, starts off with the only way he knows how. Racing. As Dom tears up the sunny streets of Rio, an unwanted friend pays him a visit. This friend lures him to turn against his family in order to protect the future of his kin, leaving the remainder of the crew to face their biggest nemesis yet.

It wouldn’t be a true Fast movie without any action, you speed demons. In every single movie there seems to be more and more action. In the last movie, there were foreign cars flying out of skyscrapers. In this movie, the crew has pulled out the big boy toys.

Even though Dominic Toretto has gone rogue, still expect that underlying family essence that always held the franchise together. Not only that, expect a closer look into the individual character’s stories.

Despite the audiences who felt eight movies was dragging along, Fast 8 made 1.6 billion dollars worldwide. This is way past the the 250 million dollar movie budget. The reason for this is because it’s storyline is like no other. The action leaves you on the edge of your seat; each actor has a personality that really carries the film; and they have sprinkled comedy throughout the movie. It is true that without Paul Walker the franchise will never be the same, and there will always be a sense of absence in the film. But producer F. Gary Gray definitely shook many fans who did not know where the fast legacy would lie after the tragedy. Gray is definitely earning street cred from one fast fan to another.

You don’t want to miss this ride! Fate of The Furious is a must watch. ‘Nough said. See you at the finish line I’ll race you to the seats.