Test Anxiety

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That time of the year is coming: the last month of school, the time you test the most.

Being a junior is so stressful. Colleges look at your junior year the most. April and May stress a junior out. During these months, schools throw the ACT and the caaspp on juniors, and they are not prepared for the weight.

Be confident before a test with the power of hypnosisThe ACT is a timed exam, but the caaspp is not. You can take as much time as you would like for the caaspp.

Some students get anxiety just thinking about all of the testing. And others get anxiety during the test. Some get anxiety way before, as a child. And it builds up as they grow up and go through test after test, year after year.

Some ways you can prevent this test anxiety are 1) study before, so you will be prepared for the test; 2) don’t worry that you will fail the test; and 3) clear your mind for the test.

Therefore, prepare yourself for the exam and you will be stress free, and not freaked about it because you do not know what the question means, or worried that you will fail the test. Also take a deep breathe and calm yourself and clear out your head so that you have a clear mind that is ready to answer those questions.

There are other ways you get anxiety
, like peers talking. Usually the people talking during the examTest are ones who test poorly, who hate taking these tests, and  who are convinced that they will not pass any of these exams. There are students who think they study well, but what they do is copy down notes word by word, highlight almost everything, and have no
understanding of what it really means. It is better to put notes into your own words.

Teachers can’t cure this anxiety but can offer strategies and help. I advise you who have anxiety to ask or get help.