Tints, Tones & Shades

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Thursday, May 4th, 2017, Art & Business Exhibition Night was a night of colors and figures.

There was artwork being shown from the following teachers: Mrs. Markel, Ms. Schroeder, Mrs. Cate, and Mr. Chan. The artwork from each teacher’s classes were Photography, Art 1 and 2, and Graphic Art and Design.

There were pieces inspired by artists Ben Heine, Gustav Klimt, and many more.

Some of the mediums used in the shown art projects were Prisma colors (colored pencils), charcoal, graphite pencil, and acrylic paint.

Over the course of the academic quarter, for art 1 and 2, students created one personal piece a week. Each piece comes with a story; each student tells a story. Every one of the pieces shown that night was created by a student who was given an idea that they took and made their own. Students were able to be their creative selves in there work. Some of these works contained the artist/student themselves or someone of significant importance to them. There were images of fellow students, school staff, and celebrities. Each project was stuck to a specific era in the art world or genre of art.

In graphic art and design the students were given a project which allowed them to express their personality in one original image. They also created the homepage of a website that could tell the story of their lives and interests.

Photography students worked on more computerized art pieces. They created works that allowed them to express their inner selves and also their favorite things. They were also given the chance to show their more serious art side by creating Day of the Dead themed art pieces. These pieces consisted of a model, a floral background, and face paint.