The Beginning of a New Journey

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Leroy Greene Academy held its first annual Declaration Day on Friday, April 28th. It was an assembly congratulating the Senior class on declaring which college or university they will be attending. Seniors represented the college they are attending by wearing their college apparel.

A couple of weeks before the event, Seniors were asked a series of college-related questions on video to show on Declaration Day. High school students were able to see what the Senior class is looking forward to and gave them advice on applying to colleges. It also gave the Senior class a look at what college their fellow classmates will be attending.

I asked some Leroy Greene Academy Seniors some questions about Declaration Day. Shazim Ajaz, a 12th grade student, was asked how he felt Declaration Day went. He responded by saying Declaration Day, “helped [him] get confident in the college [he is] going to” and appreciated how everyone recognized this accomplishment. When seniors were asked what their plans are after high school, some said they will be attending UC, CSU, or Junior colleges and others would be joining the Army or Air Force.

Adrian Budak, another 12th grade student, was asked how he felt about being a couple weeks away from graduating. He said, “I am just ready to start my new life… to get into what I want to do.” His stance and pauses between his words showed that he is looking forward to going to college and starting this new journey. Overall, students are excited for this new chapter in their lives.
Leroy Greene Academy is proud of the Senior class for continuing their education at the college or university of their choice. Declaration Day was a day to recognize the Seniors for all of their accomplishments and congratulate them for taking another step towards their goal.