Club Connections

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LGA needs more clubs that will bring the students together. As a Safe Haven school, we should be close and comfortable with each other. We should promote the Women’s Club, and the Creativity Club.  The purpose of these clubs is to help students get things off their minds, and to also help build confidence and relief in those who need it.

The Women’s Club is run by Ms. Cate, but the facilitators of the group are Ky’Mai Mitchell and Arikasia Williams. They are both Juniors here at LGA, and while speaking to Arikasia and Ky’Mai about the purpose for the Women’s Club they said that the purpose of the Women’s Club is to promote change within the relationships of young ladies. I also asked them why this club is something to look forward to here, and why? They informed me that they would like to see a new positive movement, and they would like to see what great change they can get.

Another club that needs to be organized is the Creativity Club. Creativity is anything from painted art to drawn art, from cutting shirts to shredding jeans. This club will give the students here at LGA the opportunity to bring their ideas out, and not have to worry about them being taken down. If we start this club, new ideas can be brought to life, and new creations can be done together as a group. Student don’t have to feel like they are alone.

Leroy Greene Academy doesn’t have many known clubs. These clubs will help all of us get to know each other, and to speak our minds. We are considered a safe haven, so instead of making people feel like their ideas don’t matter, starting clubs with no limit would be the best thing to do.