NBA Playoffs Are Here!

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These two past weeks, the NBA has been hosting the top eight teams to battle it out to reach this year’s finals. The NBA playoffs have already kick started the playoffs. The first few teams have lost. But the second round is just beginning, and the teams that are left are the Utah Jazz, the Golden state Warriors, the Houston Rockets, the San Antonio Spyrs, the Boston Celtics, the Washington  Wizards, the Cleveland Cavilers, and the Toronto Raptors. The few teams that are left are good teams who will battle it out to reach the two conference finals for the West and East. Out of those final four teams, the two teams that win will play in the final series to win the championship trophy.

The team that has the most promise to win it all are the popular Golden State Warriors. They have the most promise because they have recently added MVP and eight all star appearance  player Kevin Durant, who is an elite basketball player. The only other team people can think about that can rival them are the Cleveland Cavilers, who have the considered best player in the world Lebron James. Their team is filled with great players also, but the Warriors still have more elite scorers than the Cavs , so it will be an interesting series, if these teams make it.

We asked Hunter Cole who he thinks will win it all and he  said the Cleveland Cavilers are going to win it all because “they ultimately  have the best chemistry in the league and its not their first time there so they will know how to handle it.

This years playoffs will be amazing and will most likely be remembered forever with these amazing teams who battled there hearts out for this game.




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