The Scoop at Vampire Penguin

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Tucked into and hidden within the Village of the Sacramento Gateway Center is Vampire Penguin, a small shaved ice shop. Vampire Penguin is an modern building with modern furniture, and is painted with bright and pastel colors, and crafty accents. This unique shop  serves exquisite shaved snow with a variety of flavor combinations, including a create-your-own option with creative freedom to your liking. Vampire Penguin makes it hard to choose with so many delicious choices displayed on the chalkboard.


The service was quick. It was no more than a fifteen minute wait for orders. Customers are able to have a first-hand experience on how the dishes are being crafted. They have a see-through bar to view the cooking. With several combinations and an variety flavors, everyone is able to be accommodated.

After contemplating on what to get,  I ordered the Mexican candy dish. The Mexican candy dish included the mango shaved ice, the fresh cubes of watermelon, the caramel sauce, the chamoy, and the chili powder. This dish is popular among the menu for taste.  As for the presentation, it was wonderful, especially with other dishes served. The toppings and sauce complemented each other well. It tasted just like Mexican candy. The fresh fruit was an nice touch. It went  surprisingly well with the mango flavored ice. As for the taste, it was fulfilling. The texture was different, as if it were a combination of snow and sherbert.


Vampire Penguin gives off a high-end vibe, but the prices don’t necessarily reflect that. The small size dish is only six dollars, which isn’t bad for the quality. The Vampire Penguin franchise is only located in California in certain  locations; but overtime, they are creating more locations. Overall, I was delighted with my first-time experience at Vampire Penguin. I will recommend Vampire Penguin to friends with the upcoming summer weather.