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hearthstone1.jpgA card game for all ages. This card game is a strategic battle type that involves precise execution and doing enough damage to the enemy. There are different card types and heroes you use to your advantage.

In this game your goal is to defeat the other player and win. You both have 30 health and have to figure out how to deal enough damage to the other player while making sure the other player doesn’t do the same thing. When you put down a card you summon a minion. Depending on the minion, it has special abilities that will benefit you hero or other minions.20130927021742a0dl9fx3or4b46g1

There is also a special minion that has a power called taunt. What this means is that the other player is forced to only attack that minion with taunt. But spells and magic cards can still target the hero, the taunt only effects the other players minions.

Each minion cost a certain amount of mana crystals. You start out with 1 mana crystal and keep increasing when it becomes your turn. The max amount of mana crystals you can have are 10.

Both players have a choice in this game that can turn the tide against one another. They can either attack the hero or there minions. Attacking the minions makes sure the opponent can’t deal any damage to your hero. Attacking the hero decreases there health making sure you get closer to winning. But whatever you do, this choice can turn the tide of the game to you losing or you winning.