Going Going Gone!

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went from a couple wins to about to be in playoffs. Its been a long road for LGA Lions Baseball team and now its our time to shine, our time to roar, our time to take it all.

“Through out the years we have been building up” , “Getting better and better” said Porfirio Osorio, senior first basemen and DH for the Leroy Greene Lions. His answers are honest and true, we have exploded this season having a 11-5 record. In our division we are in third place, sending us to playoffs.

I’m positive many people are proud of us and our accomplishments, we are going to do something with those accomplishments. We are going to be the first boys sports team for LGA to go to playoffs. Right now, the way we are looking we plan to go to the championship bringing home our first trophy. We have faith in each other, we need to communicate and strive. We have the talent to actually do something in the playoffs, and we will use that talent.


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