Colin Kaepernick’s Offseason

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Colin Kaepernick began his professional career as a backup to Alex Smith, but became the 49ers’ starter in the middle of the 2012 season, after Smith suffered a concussion.

He led them to one Super Bowl. He remained the team’s starting quarterback for the rest of the season, and went on to lead the 49ers to their first Super Bowl appearance since 1994. They lost. Kaepernick was a back up, and his first start was in the middle of the season. He still managed to lead his team to a Super Bowl.

Kaepernick’s first season as a first string he lead the 49ers to the NFC championship and lost. After the 2013 season and after a few devastating loses, he started to fall apart. His stats started to fall, and his overall performance lagged. It wasn’t 100%. The team and coaches started to notice it, and the team’s record reflected his performance. The 49ers went from a Super Bowl appearance and a NFC championship appearance to a record of 8-8, not making it to the playoffs.

The years went on, and the team was getting worse and worse. No improvement. After three seasons of no playoff appearances, and having a 5-11 record in 2015, during the 2016 pre-season, they played their 2nd string quarterback Blaine Gabbert. When Gabbert played in the preseason, the 49ers coaching staff was impressed. After the pre-season ended, the 49ers had a big decision to make. Start their star quarterback Colin Kaepernick, or take a chance on their underdog 2nd string quarterback Blaine Gabbert?

When it was time to announce the week one starter for the regular season, the 49ers owners and head coaches were at a press conference. Jed York, the 49ers owner, stood at the stand. While he was up there, he had announced that Blaine Gabbert was the week one starter. When Kaepernick found out about this, he felt betrayal, and disappointment. Throughout the season Gabbert was their starter, except for one or two games. While Kaepernick was 2nd string, his behavior was not up to par. He was taking knees at the National Anthem, and he was making rude remarks and comments.

When Kaepernick continued that behavior, he only hurt himself. In of the off season, Kaepernick was let go by the 49ers, and he is now a free agent. He has been a free agent for more than two months, and not one team has had interest in him or contacted him for an interview. The reason for this is because of his behavior. The teams think he is bad publicity and not a good role model. He is now working with charities, raising money for kids, and hoping that this will help is publicity, and that this will maybe get a team interested in him, so he can have a NFL career again.