A Wonderful Wild Time

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A few friends and I wanted to catch up with each other. I, being a big fan of food, suggested we go out and catch up over a good meal. After deliberating for a few minutes, we decided on a Wing Spot. I heard a lot of good reviews about this restaurant. It goes by the name of Buffalo Wild Wings. Just the name itself told us we were in for one wild experience.

The day finally arrived for us to meet up at the restaurant. It was a cloudy and gloomy Tuesday, which was ironic, because it was the start of spring break. But my friends and I weren’t going to let that ruin our day.

As we enter the restaurant, there’s music pumping, people everywhere, and more TV’s than in any electronic store. Our eyes light up with excitement as if we are sneaking into a club.

People fill the room. This tells us that the food has to be tasty. Surprisingly, we are seated swiftly. As I’m walking to my seat, I hear smacking and I peep little smiles on customers faces as they eat their food. Right then and there I knew I was going to have the best meal of my life.

The waiter sat us at our table and gave us our menus. I glance at all of my friends and see the glisten in their eyes. The variety of sauces and wings excite us. We can’t wait to get to introduce our taste buds to something new.

After contemplating over what to eat, everyone finally has their orders ready. I wave down our waiter. She is woman going by the name of Tiffany. Late twenties, early thirties. She has blond spiky hair with pink tips. She looks wild. When she reaches our table, she whips out her writing pad and digs a pen out of her spiky hair.  “What can I help you guys with?”, she says. One by one, we say what we would like to eat. All of us have different combinations of flavors and sauces.

While waiting for our wings, everyone around the table starts engaging in conversation. All I can think about is those wings.

The waiter finally arrives with our food. You can see the steam rising off the food. The water drips off the veggies. “Anything else I can get you guys?”, the waiter says. Everyone shakes their head. The sound of smacking and chewing echoes through the restaurant. The wings are delicious. I have the medium buffalo flavor. They are fully covered in sauce, and once I bite into the, the steam smacks me in my face. No wonder this place is full of people.