2018 Senior Trip Poll

A survey for current juniors to plan the class of 2018 senior trip.

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As current juniors are taking important college test, they also have the pressure of planning a senior trip. So far it has been controversial as some don’t agree with decisions being made. However you can have your voice heard in the poll down below.

*please consider cost*


As of right now camping is in the lead, with Santa Cruz close behind. The problem is where the camping is taking place. Some have voiced going to Lake Tahoe; others have recommended Dillon’s beach. A big factor is the cost of transportation. Travel Buses run about $2,000 each + the two days we have to reserve them for. If this isn’t for you, please list your recommendations.  If you want a part in planning the trip please attend class meetings every Wednesday at lunch in Miller’s room (get a lunch pass before lunch). It will be hard for next year’s seniors, but with participation from everyone, we could make next year’s senior trip memorable.