Fantastic Four: More Like “No More”

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The famed team of four, the Fantastic Four, are Marvel Comics’ oldest superhero team. Their first appearance, in 1961’s The Fantastic Four. After its release, the title gained huge appraise, and fans were loving the new team. Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Thing, and the Human Torch became some of the most iconic Marvel characters. They were the fan favorites for a long time, lasting throughout the next few decades.

In 1986, Constantin Films bought the movie rights to the Fantastic Four. In 1994 Constantin Films, along with distributor 20th Century Fox, produced the first movie for the superhero team. The film was never actually released, and was accused of only being made to keep the rights to the Four. Fastforwarding to 2005, when the first released Fantastic Four movie was released, and was met with mixed reviews. Rotten Tomatoes, as of 2017, has given the movie a 27%. Later, the sequel was released, earning only a slightly better score of 37%. Only two years ago, Constantin Films rebooted the franchise (for the third time), creating Fant4stic, arguably the worst Fantastic Four movie yet. The film received a low 9% score, marking the failure of Constantin’s studio.

Constantin is dead-set on keeping the Fantastic Four out of the hands of Marvel Studios. The film studio is intentionally keeping the Four from having a proper movie to its name, continuing to create bad films. But why?

Despite the failure of these movies, Constantin and its other associates are making some profit.  The three released films combined have made a collective profit of $431.7 million in revenue. The box office profit of these films isn’t even half of Marvel Studios’ The Avengers, which made over $900 million on its own. Because the movies are still making a profit (some relatively little, i.e. Fant4stic’s $42 million), Constantin Films still has a reason to keep the Four around. If the movies stopped making a profit, they would be forced to return the rights to Marvel.

This is why we have to stop watching the Fantastic Four films. Constantin Films has shown a clear inability to make a proper movie, their Fantastic Four films only getting worse with each iteration. If the Fantastic Four is returned to Marvel Studios, we could finally see a proper Fantastic Four film. Marvel Studios’ track record is filled with good and excellent superhero films, such as Iron Man, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Captain America: Civil War.

Preventing ourselves from watching bad Fantastic Four films will finally do right to the legendary team’s name.