Bacon Lovers Beware! You’re in for a Scare

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I have the worst news possible. Bacon has been ruined. By whom, you may ask? Well, it was the restaurant franchise Chili’s. Specifically the one in Sacramento, CA. Now, I went in, expecting that I would receive a nice meal from this Tex-Mex bar and grill restaurant, but I did not get what I expected.

When the burger arrived, it looked really good. Like something out of the commercials. So of course I was excited. That was, until the very first bite. When I took a bite of the burger, my hands were instantly covered in grease.

This may be a plus for some, but for most, they don’t like being soaked by their food. Along with that, the lettuce, tomato, and onions overpowered the burger. It felt like I was eating a salad rather than a burger. The bun was nice and toasted ,which was a plus; and after getting over the over juiciness of the burger, the flavor was pretty nice after getting past the overdressing. The fries were crispy and seasoned. Overall, I would give the meal a rating of six and a half out of a full ten. This is something that’s good enough for a quick simple meal, but nothing to eat over and over again.

Now the burger was slightly sub-par, but the atmosphere was really nice. The servers were kind and constantly checking on how my meal was going. People who were strangers were talking and joking, which was nice to see, since most restaurants have people seated separated with quiet private table time. I felt like I was in a friendly place, rather than somewhere stuffy. That’s the perfect atmosphere for simple burger kind of night. I would give the atmosphere an eight out of ten.

This is definitely a place I would recommend, if you want a nice family friendly meal, but this dish I would not suggest for anyone looking for a good meal.