YouTube Adpocalypse

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Many enjoy watching YouTube and work of their favorite creators. YouTubers make money from advertisements placed on their videos. The money they make allows them to continue making content and to support themselves financially. Many creators rely solely on ad revenue as their source of income. But is this about to change?

Recently, major brands, products, and companies have pulled their ads off of the site. This all started when the British Government realized their ads were being played on extremist and terrorist groups videos, allowing extremists to make money.

ad boycott

They quickly pulled their ads off of all YouTube. Large influential companies, including Pepsi and McDonald’s, also removed their ads. Companies are pulling ads because they don’t want their brands associated with inappropriate content nor do they want to allow the inappropriate content creators to make money.

When these companies pulled their ads, YouTubers experienced a major drop in revenue. This caused many content creators to look for new sources of income, including livestreaming and donations. People have even petitioned for companies to put their ads back on the site. In an attempt to bring advertisers back, YouTube has decided to push a family friendly agenda that focuses on major censorship of their content. This contradicts the original purpose of the site, a place where you can upload whatever you want.

YouTube made it so any video containing mature content or foul language becomes demonetized, preventing the uploaded from profiting. The system even demonetizes mundane subjects containing religious or LGBT undertones. This caused more mature content creators to outrage as they could no longer make a living off of YouTube. Some users even had to make the switch to making advertiser friendly content.