7 Things You Don’t Know About LGA Sports

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  1. The girls varsity basketball team is the first sports team to go to playoffs at LGA since its reopening
  2. LGA’s cross country team got three medals in their first year, 2017. (the medalist are Jesus, Shraddha, and Ross)
  3. Both girls softball and boys baseball have better records than the last two years. the girls have a record of 5-5 and last year they had one win. The boys already has more wins than they finished with last year they have a record of 6-4 this year and a 4-12 record last year
  4. Baseball team in playoff picture they can be should be in the the top three in their division, they have a chance to beat first place and second place team soon
  5. Baseball should be the first LGA boys sport to go to playoffs
  6. Jaden Gilbreath and Harman Sarai  both averaged over ten points a game during basketball season.
  7. Each of our sports teams averaged three freshman a team.