Home Away from Home

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We hunted down Leroy’s most expressive bunch: Ms. Yang, Mr. Miller, Uriel, Eezha, Brian, Kymai, Kyle, and Aaliyah. We asked them about LGA’s culture. One thing is certain, here at LGA, we’re close, and this place is a second home. As Mr.Miller simply put it, “This is your home away from home.”

We had a talk with each person about bullying, about LGA culture, about favorite memories, and about LGA as a safe haven.


Bullying at Leroy Greene Academy is going extinct.

“I haven’t had a problem with bullying or seen too much bullying,” stated our very own Kyle Coughlin. Uriel Houston stated that, “within the high school everyone is nicer and closer; but the middle school has yet to realize that what they say to people can be hurtful.”

LGA Culture

Ms. Yang brought to our attention that the culture between the students and teachers here at Leroy is very comfortable. Students are able to go to teachers they know well and also to teachers they may not know well. They are able to talk to teachers about their issues, or even topics related to the subject that the teacher is teaching. Mr.Miller stated something similar in an earlier interview and went on to say that if a student doesn’t feel comfortable enough to talk, then “I will help you with that.”

Favorite Memories

The students here at LGA are always welcoming new staff members with open arms. Ms.Yang, for example, in her first year told her students about her favorite snack, which they found undeniably weird; but after a few days of warming up to her, they decided to make her feel officially welcome. “You guys brought me rice and Cheetos, and even tried it with me,” said Ms.Yang.

Both staff and students at this school are respectful by all means. “They treated me with so much respect and I treated them with respect as well,” Mr.Miller told reporters.

Safe Haven

Leroy Greene Academy is indeed a safe haven school. Miller told us that he believes “every school is a safe haven school.” If you don’t feel that LGA is a safe haven school, then you should definitely talk to a staff member or student.