The 411 of Sadies

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On March 18, around six pm LGA students entered the gym for our first annual Sadie Hawkins dance. The dance was organized by leadership student, Brittany Quintero. The rest of the leadership class helped plan and make decorations. For example there was a checkered wall decoration to mimic the floor of common diners during the 50s.

Brittany mentioned how she was a little disappointed when she found out the dance had to be moved inside and to a different date. Her plan was to have our first outside dance correspond with Sadies. This change in location made her replan the entire night for our students.

The one thing that she wishes to change, other than the location, is the time. Brittany said that she “would change the date of it to be in February so that a lot more kids are able to go.” Although some issue surfaced throughout the process of planning this dance, many students ended up having a great time.

Jaden Gilbreath, an junior who attended Sadie’s stated, “It was cool overall , the DJ did pretty well with music , the time was early, and  I wanted to see more people attending the dance.”

Caleeb Mcnabney, a sophomore, mentioned that he was impressed for the first dance that  he attended at LGA. He expressed concern that there was a lack of 50’s themed music, but thought that the decorations were well coordinated. Caleeb also said how the glow sticks were pretty cool and a nice touch.

Susy, a junior who attended with her boyfriend Jacob, expressed it was a “night to remember and it was fun with the music.”

The dance was held in the gym. Originally the dance was supposed to be outside; however, due to the prediction of rain the date and location got moved to the gym.