Quick Pitch

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On March 14, our Lady Lions took the win against Esparto Spartans. We scored 16 points to Esparto’s 15. We asked McKayla Darrow a few questions about how the game went.

“It was an intense game. The first three innings, we were down by three points. At this point the team started to get down on themselves. They were getting frustrated.  The girls began pacing in circles. When one of the players struck out, it lifted a weight off the ladies’ shoulders and the game turned around.

“We all started to communicate more and work together.  Our defense got stronger and we managed to tie up the game around the bottom of the 5th. In the sixth inning we tied up with 15-15.”

It was the lions turn to bat, and they were ready to take the win.

“In bottom of the 7th, we were still tied and it was my turn to bat and I hit of 4 hit in left field and then  I made a double. Then, I stole third base. When Monique took the strike then when she hit the ball I made the winning run”

Congrats Lady Lions. Keep up the good work!