Hitting Heat

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Our season has just begun, and we are already on a roll. As of March 27, LGA’s varsity baseball team is 4-1. Last year, we our record was 4-12. We already have the the same number of wins as we finished with last year. This year brings promises. \  

We are winning games by an average of seven points. We are winning games with authority. We asserted our authority over Esparto.

Esparto had us down 4-1 by the 2nd inning. We battled back. By the 4th inning, we had the game tied, and they began to tremble.

Our team went insane on the field. Our Lions came through with hit after hit, and they did not like it, not one little bit.

In short, we won: 21-11.

There was no main star on our team. Everyone contributed to the win, especially Esparto. Our  team pulled through with a tough well deserved win against a worthy rival.

In the game against Esparto, Anthony Schofield pitched a strong four innings, keeping the scoring low.

Hunter Cole, the slowest kid on the team,  got his first high school hit and he stole a base.

The Saunders brothers became clutch on offense, hitting the ball in the gaps, and scoring in many RBI’s.

Everyone on our team either hit twice or got on base twice. Hunter got the game ball that day. It was his first breakout game

The team has many more breakout games  to come.