A Night to Remember

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By: Alejandra Elejalde and Katya Jaime

The junior and senior class look forward to prom. Schools hold this dance at the end of the year. Different schools have different traditions. Some schools involve both junior and seniors; other schools have a different prom from each class.

This year, Leroy Greene Academy will hold its first annual Junior and Senior Prom. Students are thrilled and looking forward to this night. It is a special event for the Junior class since this is their first prom. Seniors will find this to be a special night since it is their first and last prom. It will be held on a boat in San Francisco on April 8th, 2017. The theme for this years prom will be “Timeless Glamour.” This is a formal event that will involve a variety of unique dresses, tuxes, and enjoyment. It is very exciting to see students be involved with this event and are waiting for this magical night to arrive.

The word “Prom” is short for Promenade Ball. In the 19th century prom was for the graduating class, the students had to wear their Sunday’s best and celebrated with tea, dancing, and socializing. Then in the 1950’s prom started a transformation by introducing the prom court, finding the most prettiest dress, and having the best looking date.

In the 20th century prom became a big deal to the seniors, especially the girls. Traditionally prom is held in the school’s gymnasium or it is held in hotels, banquet halls, sports stadium, and on a ship. Today prom has reached a whole new level for girls by getting hair, nails, makeup, finding the perfect dress, shoes, and jewelry.

For the guys it’s not nearly as stressful. The guys can either buy a suit or rent one and figure out the color they are wearing. Most of the time after prom a group of friends or couples go out to eat or hang out.