Multicultural Night’s Booths

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LGA held the Multicultural Night event for its fourth year. Every year new and old booths are set up in the campus multi-purpose room for students to enjoy. These booths provide everything from food and drinks to games for students attending in exchange for tickets.

The China booth sold fried rice, and fortune cookies to their customers. While sometimes eaten as a dessert in the United States, fortune cookies are a popular tradition in China. The Booth also featured a Chinese flag and a traditional dragon head.

The Ethiopia booth (pictured above) sold coffee and cookies to guests. The booths operator Mr. Nish said coffee was one of Ethiopia’s largest exports. The booth was accompanied by an Ethiopian flag and a trifold poster board displaying facts about the country.

The Mexico booth was covered in  boxes of Churros and a large jug of Horchata, it is LGA tradition to sell them. Horchata is a thick milk-like beverage that is popular in several spanish speaking countries. Horchata is made from mixed nuts and seeds, and most commonly tigernut and cinnamon.

The Australia booth had a large display of boomerangs, an Australian icon commonly used for sports, entertainment, and even hunting. They sold tea and different dessert cookies and crackers popular in Australia.